Golden Phone Number allows one to choose an awesome phone number

Golden Phone Number is a company that aims at providing options for customers to choose from, for their phone numbers and other numbers that may represent the identity of the customers. For example, the company that provide some awesome phone numbers for local numbers as well as for the entire USA. At the same time, license plates of the vehicle is also available.

The website is easy to use, and Golden Phone Number believes that this is one of their strength. For example, for the vanity number, users can find their category once clicking into the type of numbers they are looking for. There are 6 vanity categories for them to choose from, namely legal, miscellaneous, easy dials, medical, real estate mortgage and construction home services.

At the same time, for toll free vanity number, clients who wish to search a number can do so by searching the keyword or searching by category. After typing in the keyword or category, a list of numbers will show up and the customers can choose one.

Another type of services that Golden Phone Number can help with is local numbers. According to their website, customers can find an awesome local phone number for the daily uses of clients. After clicking this option on the website of Golden Number, users will need to select a state that they are residing in. There is a huge map of the USA with all the states in the middle of the webpage and therefore it is easy for the users to select the home state they are in.

After selecting a state, there will be a list of popular as well as some categories for the users to choose from. Such categories basically refer to the way in which the phone number is special. For example, the phone number will have the same number, or that it will end with 777 or 888, some numbers that are seen as lucky combinations. Other special ones include the pattern of XYXY, and X0X0, and ascending numbers. Therefore, are much are, and Golden Phone Numbers believes that there will at least be one that is what the customer want.

The buy price of each of the number is shown on the left hand side of the webpage. They are all specific numbers, and therefore they are all unique. This is the business idea of the company—by providing awesome phone numbers that are unique and is only owned by one person. Therefore, if one purchased the phone number of 210 368 6666, he will be the only one having this local phone number.

The price of the phone numbers varies largely among different numbers. For example, one that ends with 4444 costs one $699 while another phone number that ends with four 9s at the end cost $2995, which is hugely much more.

If you are interested in the services provided by Golden Phone Numbers, you can visit their for more information and make the purch …

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