New area code, phone numbers for LMHS announced

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NEWARK – In 2015, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio announced the supply of available phone numbers within the 740 area code, currently in use throughout many counties in the Central Ohio area, including Licking County, soon will be depleted.

The Commission announced a new area code, 220, immediately would be enacted and used along with the current 740 area code to ensure a plentiful future supply of phone numbers within the Central Ohio region.

Due to the continued growth of Licking Memorial Health Systems (LMHS) in providing new services to fulfill the medical needs of Licking County residents, proactive measures have been taken to ensure that future healthcare areas within the Health Systems would have access to new phone numbers with consistent area codes.

Effective immediately, all current and future LMHS phone numbers will convert to the 220 area code and the three-digit prefix of 564.

The prefix 564 was chosen to correspond with alphanumeric system for each number listed on a phone, and represents the letters, L-M-H, for easy recall.

All current LMHS four-digit extensions will remain the same. For example, the current main line for the hospital — 740-348-4000 — will now be 220- 564-4000. Please note that the (220) 564 exchange is available now and is a local number within the Newark area.

The current LMHS (740) 348 numbers will work in conjunction with the new (220) 564 exchange until January 2017.

At that time, the conversion of the phone system will be complete and the LMHS (740) 348 numbers will no longer be available.

The Health Systems recommends that patients and community members update their speed dial and contact information for LMHS phone numbers.

Please note that not all (740) 348 phone numbers belong to LMHS, and will not be affected by this conversion.

In addition, LMHS-related cell phone and pager numbers will remain the same. Currently, the LMHS website (, and LMHS printed materials are being updated to reflect the new change.

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